Ahh ... Best Laid Plans … You volunteer to take the Top Comments diary, planning on writing about a very long road trip following a difficult winter storm across the country, and events conspire to sabotage that diary. So, it takes a different tack, thanks to John Boehner. Good grief.

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I have been watching with interest the stories on Boehner’s attempts to extract the Republican Party from the Tea Party stranglehold. I read the same basic story in several places, I’m just linking to the NPR version.

So, for him, they’ve ‘lost all credibility.’


I read that with more than a little incredulity. NOW they have lost all credibility. Now they are to blame for the  government shutdown, with no real expectation that they could defund Obamacare, with no exit strategy, no real plan, other than their egotistical saber-rattling for which many hundreds of thousands of others - millions!!! -  in our society wound up paying the price …

Ostriches have a ‘rep’ for putting their heads in the sand, but the worst one ever has nothing on John Boehner.

Quite a few years ago there was a western series on TV that I really liked. It starred Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall. Lonesome Dove (by Larry McMurtry) aired in 1989, with Duvall playing Augustus McRae and Jones playing Woodrow Call, former Texas Rangers, along with former sidekick, Robert Urich, who played Jake Spoon. Spoon, something of a candle in the wind, left the group during the show to gamble a while and to get away from the herd. He fell in with a vicious group of criminals, lacking the character and the courage to separate from them. They killed five people in their rampage, and were ultimately tracked down by Call and McCrae. Since Spoon was with them, he was disarmed along with them and tied up, prior to hanging.

Jake Spoon: Oh you don't need to tie me up, Newt. Hell I ain't killed anybody. I just fell in with these boys to get me through the territory; hell I was gonna leave 'em first chance I got.

Gus McCrae: I wish you'd taken that chance a little earlier, Jake; a man who'll go along with five killin's, takin' his leave a little slow.

(Quotation transcribed from imdb.)

‘Taking his leave a little slow …’

That’s what I thought of reading about Boehner’s unfathomably tardy (and certainly not very sincere) repudiation of the Tea Party.

Taking your leave a little slow, there, Boehner.

You don’t think that reflects on YOUR credibility?! Crazy.

On to tonight’s comments!

From smileycreek:
In which elfling properly schools us on how to insult outsiders (but not fellow kossacks!)
From brillig:
In yesterday's I Enrolled in a Paid for My ACA Plan Today by hungrycoyote, jasan pointed out after last night's deadline the little detail that we already HAD a health care mandate.
From BeninSC:
Flagged by a gilas girl, this comment by rfall in reply to a comment by irate on temple prostitutes.

Flagged by Susan Gardner, this comment by Jen Hayden is included because anything that pulls the focus of Susan Gardner so emphatically needs more attention!

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