The very first website I ever went to was Billy Jack.com and met some pretty nice
progressives there.  Some are still friends with me and activists.  This character Billy Jack reminded me so much of my real Jack that I wrote a diary about the character and my real Billy Jack  some time back.   Laughlin protrayed
A Native American Vietnam Vet. The character and my husband had a lot in common.

Tom Laughlin, the maverick actor and filmmaker best known for the "Billy Jack" films, has died. He was 82.

Laughlin died Thursday in Thousand Oaks, his family announced.

Laughlin had been married to actress Delores Taylor since 1954 and also had several ill-fated runs for president. But he was best known for the "Billy Jack" films, which also starred Taylor. In 1967, he wrote and directed (under the pseudonym T.C. Frank) and starred in "The Born Losers," a motorcycle exploitation film that became a big box-office hit. It introduced the world to the part-Native American Vietnam veteran title character.

The 1971 sequel, the vigilante-themed "Billy Jack," was, after a legal battle with studio Warner Bros., released independently. It also became a box-office smash, though it generated controversy for its suggestion of guns and violence as a justice-seeking tool.

FULL story at link.

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It was no secret that Tom had just about had it with the money machine in Washington on both sides of the political spectrum.  He truly was an activist and supported Barack Obama in 08.  

We also lost country singer Ray Price " For the Good Times" and all three celebrities  seem to pass on this week, including Peter O'Toole.

Tom Laughlin spoke with me via his website and I truly enjoyed our conversation.  So long Billy Jack.. One Tin Soldier has walked on.

Instead of started a new diary I will use this one to let folks hold Rachel our Kossack in thoughts and prayer.  She is having open heart surgery tomorrow.   Please remember Charlie Grapski.  His Mother just died.  Both got in touch with me.

For The Native American Community, of which I know Tom loved.. I am sure they are saddened by his passing.

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