I owe everyone an apology for writing a diary earlier today that was wrong in what I was claiming. I offer no excuse other than thinking I understood the deficit when I clearly

When I write about anything,I have books in front of me that I can check my statement
If I feel the need. When your my age.I can write about people I have met,Vietnam,and ancient history. I am THAT OLD!I also have the good fortune of knowing many very smart
people in many fields. I wanted to wait until I talked with someone I know who is very smart in understanding the deficit before I wrote one more word on this subject.

The rate of increase on our debt is slowing down.Obama inherited a  budget deeply in debt thanks to two wars and de-regulation of the banks that put our Nation to near financial collapse. My friend who is in the financial field says the 1% crowd raped
this country and we almost lost the banking system as we know it.

The Affordable Care Act and the aging of  our baby boomers could see the deficit rise.
The Republicans already have "gutted" social programs. They seem to want the 1% to be just fine but screw us. He said "stop trying to get into deficits" you can argue
them many ways. Jobs are needed. More revenue. I am a Republican my friend said
and he lays the deficit right at the feet of George Bush And Bill Clinton.Clinton allowed
Glass-Steagall to expire. That allowed banks to make risky deals with depositors money.

I stand by my feeling that we need to be pro-active a million years before the election
of 2014. If unemployment stays over 7%,Republicans will use that as a weapon.From now on, Republicans will fight our President harder in Congress. They want the Senate
and to keep the House.

Think how to sell a Republican world to anyone unemployed,on Social Security,Welfare,
Medicare,Medicade,etc.Openings on the Supreme Court will decide if Roe survives.
An effort will go forward to impeach our President if Republicans win the Senate.

My friend tells me fights  are in our future as to how to deal with our deficit. The Republicans want us to give up much of our safety net. I think the 1% should become
part of this Country and stop bleeding it dry. Loopholes should be closed, punish
companies that have overseas operations that allows them to legally cheat on taxes.

I feel better now, I know how to fight THOSE fights. I am just one person,join the fight.

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