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Last summer I flew to Washington, DC, to deliver the petition, AARP: Rescue Your Name from Rush Limbaugh" to AARP Headquarters in Washington, DC.  With the help of moveon.org this petition has the signatures of 199,280 people.

Delivery of the second petition, Rush Limbaugh: Please Leave Los Angeles proved much simpler.  All that was required was a short jaunt on the freeways of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  Travel time was approximately the same as Los Angeles to Washington, DC.  However, there were no security lines to stand in. This petition currently has 26,241 signatures.  The story of the trip to the KFI studios in the Clear Channel building in Beautiful Downtown Burbank may not have been as exotic as the AARP trip.  However, there is a lot to be said for the old adage, "Think Globally, Act Locally."  The local trips do not require packing, ticket purchasing or any of the hassles or expenses of modern-day travel.

AAMCO, Stop Supporting Rush's Hate  is the name of the third petition that I have hand delivered to a sponsor or business connected to The Rush Limbaugh Show.

On December 17, I took a drive down the coast of sunny Southern California to AAMCO Transmissions in Dana Point.  In the seat next to me sat 29,880 people or at least a portion of their signatures.  We were asking AAMCO to please stop supporting Rush Limbaugh.

Lindsey Redmond and I had delivered the signed petition to nine (9) other AAMCO service centers in Southern California.  Then recently I discovered that the board member in charge of local advertising owned the AAMCO business in Dana Point.  Finally, someone who might make a difference.

I had mailed a copy of the signed petition to Marc Graham in Horsham, Pennsylvania.  I received no reply from him.  Apparently the AAMCO CEO does not care about what horrible marketing decisions local dealers make.  This seems strange to me since this affects the AAMCO bottom line and will impact his stock prices.

Calling the 70 mile round-trip from Anaheim to Dana Point "unspectacular" would be an overstatement.  At the AAMCO service center, Josh politely received the signed petition.  Andrew Ream, the Owner, had just stepped out.   Rather than destroy a forest, I had printed 100 pages, only a fraction of the 496 signatures from California alone.  I explained to him basically what the cover letter had stated, shook his hand (clean of transmission fluid) and drove off.  

On January 1, 2014, Rush Limbaugh will find out what it means to be "downsized." His show will move from KFI which broadcasts to thousands of square miles, to KTLK, which broadcasts to dozens of square miles.  

We shall find out if AAMCO makes the wise choice.  Hopefully AAMCO will help Limbaugh pack his bags then bid him good riddance.

Meanwhile the petition is still posted and available for your signature.  We shall keep it posted until AAMCO makes the right decision to leave Limbaugh in the dust.

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed these petitions.  Thank you to my fellow comrades at #stoprush.


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