I haven't seen anything like this yet. So I've been thinking lately, as I'm sure her people have, about what a winning message will be for Hillary.  Stability/status quo? More hope and change? Experience and temperament will probably be pushed hard, both international and domestic. But what will be the single powerful, driving theme relative to the current administration and state of the nation and world??? I invite you to propose her campaign slogan - ten words or less, followed briefly by your reasoning. Or, more challenging, what will be the single word on the Shepard Fairey graphic poster? I'm interested to know what the collective intelligence of the dK community thinks.

I like Hillary; although Elizabeth Warren would be my first choice, I will support Hillary because she is capable, will be no worse than Obama (I hope!), has earned it and has the best chance of kicking the republicans' collective ass, keeping the loons out of power and getting a shot at replacing some more supremes.

Join me below the dKosianagram for some further ideas and discussion

While we're at it, who else might run against her in the primary, and what will their themes be? . What's going to sell in Iowa? Will she peak too early?

Like many dK progressives, I love Obama and he has done a lot of great things, but I am dissappointed in a few areas - trade, NSA, drone warfare, budget, minimum wage, deportation, etc. The hope and change message was powerful in the campaign, and obviously it's not easy when the congress is full of corrupt, uncaring suicidal lunatics.

Can Hillary do better? Can she drive a down-ticket surge that runs the House, or at least reduces the republicans significantly? Is she too much in Wall Steet's pocket? Too centrist to hold off the crazy republicans?

I know it's  early, a lot will happen in the next year, but join me and we can have some fun with this over the holidays.

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