Presenting the trailer for MITT, a behind-the-secenes informercial/documentary on Mitt Romney's failed quest for the presidency that will begin streaming on Netflix on January 24, 2014:

I haven't seen MITT, but I can already tell you the best part (insert obligatory spoiler alert here): In the end, he loses.

If you've been reading Daily Kos for the past few years, you know I'm not exactly prone to saying nice things about Willard, but I have to admit, in this trailer, he comes off as a much more likable guy than I've ever seen him before. I suppose that's not surprising since the guy who made the film is a longtime friend of Mitt's sons from their days at BYU, but watching him playfully try to iron his tux—while wearing it—is pretty funny, and humanizing. In some ways, it's reminiscent of Bob Dole, who after the 1996 campaign emerged from his shell and actually showed himself to be a pretty funny guy.

But while I haven't seen the full movie, I'd be willing to bet you $10,000 that the fact that it is clearly focused on Mitt Romney instead of his campaign will probably make it less interesting than The War Room, which is still the greatest campaign documentary every made. Campaigns are about much more than just the candidate: Bill Clinton was an amazing candidate, but without a great team, he wouldn't have won. Same goes for Barack Obama. You couldn't do a documentary on their campaigns without spending as much if not more time with the Carvilles, Plouffes, Begalas, Greenburgs, Burtons, and Axelrods; the same thing is true of Mitt Romney.

I'm not saying MITT won't be an entertaining romp—it probably will. But the real story of his campaign has less to do with Mitt Romney than it does with the team he put together—and the dysfunctions of the party he put together. Hopefully, the documentary will shed some light on that, but at least from the preview, that seems unlikely.

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