If someone smarter than me will please explain a simple way to:

(a) embed an image in a comment (not a diary), with

(b) appropriate sizing of the image,

I would greatly appreciate it.

The instructions on dkosopedia appear to be out of date--apparently they were written before the new image library uploader came online.

And if you search the DKos Support system, you get linked to those outdated instructions.

Here is a somewhat-helpful comment from madhaus, but it ends with "Embed in comment with IMG and SRC attribute." Which is approximately like "demurminate the flux capacitor and you're done--that's all there is to it!"

I figured out how to embed an image in a diary. And I can even embed a YouTube video in a comment, by copying and pasting the "embed" code from YouTube. But when I try to embed an image from my Flickr account in a comment,

(1) it takes me forever to try to figure out how, and then

(2) the image ends up pitifully small, despite my inserting a bit of apparently-incorrect "width=[some number I thought was appropriate]" code.

Thanks very much for any guidance!

Oh, and I suggest that anyone responding use this diary as an excuse to post some really stupid images.

UPDATE: Thank you to user BOHICA! Just to be extra-clear, here's the BOHICA procedure:

(1) Go to your image on Flickr. (Likely other hosting services allow something similar to this procedure.)

(2) Near the bottom right of your screen on Flickr there's an icon of a box with a curved arrow coming out of it; hover your cursor over this icon and it says, "More ways to share." Click the icon.

(3) You'll get a pop-up menu with several options. Choose the option, "Grab the HTML/BBCode."

(4) You'll get more options--Embed, HTML, and BBCode. Choose HTML.

(5) You'll have to choose a size from a drop-down menu. "Medium 500 (500 x 300)" seems to work well.

(6) Copy the code Flickr provides after you choose the size. Paste the code into your comment.

No demurmination of flux capacitor required.

Thanks again, BOHICA! And I love The Far Side!



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