Creator designed me without a business bone in my body, but endowed me, along with many Good qualities, with a fairly wonderful imagination. Then IT sent me to be born in the largest capitalist "culture of cultures" of this beautiful world.

Very funny Creator...and thank you.

The Summer Sun was still being filtered by the settling dust of the biggest war that Humanity had yet fought on Our World. The momentum generated by striving to be victorious in this huge struggle, was being converted into a surge of production, technology and wealth, that would become so much, that it threatened the existence of everything on the planet. Instead of a "Paradise On Earth", this surge for More and Better began to be abused by fearful, short sighted, ruthless and insufficiently caring Humans.

It was my Good Fortune to arrive, at this epic time, in a place that was somewhat isolated from the carnage of war and the corruption of greed. My Father was searching for a rich vein of uranium and my Mother accompanied him. But, as soon as She had me "out there", they gave up on discovering the rich strike and headed toward the City Of Angels. I must have gotten some of that desert sand in my mouth, because I have felt and affinity for arid regions...wide open spaces that were the widest above me. This comfort with desert and mountain was added to, as I discovered the unique beauties of plains and forests...and the modes of water that connected all of these.

A Sister followed me and We ended up at Grand Parents in the plains state of Kansas. Then we were scooped up and driven South, by a loving Aunt that adopted us. Our "dust" settled in Houston, where my Sister and I lived "normal" lives for about twelve years. Mystic influence was provided by Father's Mother, Mama Vee, which sprouted uniquely, as rebellion against status quo capitalist American society when I was about 18.

I got into trouble and angrily began the new story of my life. All a culmination of the what of me, (my personality) and various influences that made their mark on me, in my youth. I had a childish fascination with things wild, savage and barbaric. Things tribal that were being destroyed by that which is called "civilization". The "Hopeless Cause", the noble struggle of the pre-city-building peoples that were, one by one, overwhelmed and exterminated or absorbed.

It occurred to me, that if what goes around does indeed come around, that it would be poetic justice for conquering civilization to provide the source of its own destruction. Oh what visions of destructive glory, I got out of that premise.

Civilization, with its angry and psychotic elements, would eat itself up. Its capitalist code, replacing, or negating, whatever morality made possible with its highest teachings, would construct paths to go around and lay the foundation for, the dire poetic justice reaction to come. The mighty numbers of the downtrodden masses would rise and smite. The "Cy-Huns " would ride and overrun the corrupt structures of capitalist america...and bring the whole rotten mess down. Or so my dark fantasy went. Then the Better Part of Me began to Awaken and I began a long and lonely transition to a more positive, (though still radical) Way of Fundamental Change.

The embryonic stage of "Narbarism" had begun. This word began to be used in 1963.


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