Phil Robertson, and for that matter all the right wing nut cases, should be thankful that Jesus' mission on Earth was to clarify and to teach the Hebrews how their narrow minded (dare I say bigoted) interpretation of the Law had strayed from what God intended for his people. Just like the Biblical Hebrews, Phil doesn't seem to understand this. But then again the Right Wing always invokes the name Jesus but never ever seem to bother with the actual teachings of the Son of Man. For God's sake he accepted everyone as sprung from God. Lepers, Prostitutes (does the name Mary Magdalene ring a bell Sarah), even assholes like Phil "I'm just a God fearing man" Robertson were not beyond his Love. I don't know much but this I do know just like I know the Sun rises in the East. If Jesus were to come back today to explain to Phil, Palin, and their ilk what they might be missing about his teachings they would be first in line to drive the nails into Him. But you know, and this is the difference between Jesus and say... me, it would not matter to Jesus at all. He would still say "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." So I will try to forgive all the assholes trying to speak for God but I don't have to watch their TV programs, or buy their products, or vote for them. Yes, Jesus Saves but above all he Forgives.


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