In the state of Texas, I recently found out that if you have Medicare or Medicaid you will can and will be kept in a mental hospital for 10 days.  If you have no insurance, you get sent home in about a day.  Anyone can call the police and say you are suicidal and you get arrested, get a perp walk, striped searched, and within 5 minutes they have you admitted.  In fact, this just happened to me.  The police gave them my Social Security number and they had admission paperwork before I even arrived.  They called Medicare and had me admitted before I even saw the admission doctor via Internet for 2 minutes.

My family did this to me.  I was at home and had just unplugged the phone after fighting and texting with my family for two days.  They just had to say the magic words "she said she was suicidal and had a plan."

Two hours after I ended the conversation saying I would be arriving to pick up my kids and that I would not be answering any phone calls two police showed up.  I was putting away my kids milk when I answered the door.  After talking with them and explaining that I have a dysfunctional fucked up family and that I we had been arguing for two days.  I finally just asked, look do I have a choice?  No.

I asked if I could get some clothes and my medication I was handcuffed and taking to hospital.

This is perfectly legal in the State of Texas.  I was shocked.  After 10 days I discovered that people actually are Suicidal are released with no insurance.  One of the women tried to give me her jewelry and opening begging for help saying she is going to give up.  She was done.

I refused the jewelry and begged her not to do anything until I could get home and help her out.  She got a taxi ride to a shelter.  She didn't do anything that God.  I kept calling her while still in the hospital and things are getting better for her now.

I am bipolar.  I did say some pretty fucked up stuff in the heat of the argument.  But so did my Mother and Brother.  

I even went to court while in the hospital and the Judge stated that in cases like these they always accept hearsay.  Your divorced ex-wife pissed at you for some reason.  One quick call to 911, and you are getting strip searched.  If you are lucky enough to have United Healthcare you are better in 7 days.  Aetna, 4 days.  Had a fight with your Mom? If you have insurance you the option of jail or the mental hospital.

Your Sister mad because you didn't do something?  If you are on Medicare you will be all better in 10 days.  That's all they pay for.

A homicidal paranoid schizophrenic who was getting into what I can only describe as a Bum Fight in the middle of "group therapy" and claimed that he was over 6800 years old so you better not fuck with him or move his socks was released in 3 days.  

My lawyer and nurses openly joked about this.  One nursed asked me on the 9th day "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?"  I joked with the staff "We all know why I am still here.  I have Medicare."  They all laughed.  After the 5th day is laugh at this fucked up shit.

My one fear right now is that they can do this to me again.  Did I mention my Mother called Social Security before she called the police to see how quickly they can change the payee for my twins to her from me?

The only good thing about this is that I really like how CPS is handling this.  They take everything seriously so that gives me hope that children who are in real danger are getting the same attention that my kids are.  I have no problem taking a drug test, going to any and every psychologist, social worker, therapist, etc that they need me two.

The only problem is they might want me to family therapy with my Mother.  The last two times I tried that on my own two different therapists told me not to bring her back  and that a lot of my issues clearly stem from my Mother and Brother's relationship.  But maybe the third time is a charm.


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