HHS has refused to release the documents Issa subpoenaed.  Citing prior leaks, HHS says Issa can’t be trusted.  

Ignore the scan of Issa's tortured brain splatter (shown below) to see if the The Pelosi has more balls than The Bully.

Are the Republicans Projecting When They Repeat Ad Nauseum That The ACA Site Is Not Secure?

And are they willing to hack the site and release personal information if no one else does?  (I’d bet on it.)

Issa’s committee and staff have a history of leaking information, including the names of Libyan operatives.

Redacted documents specific to the security of the ACA site were made available in a secure fashion to Issa and Cummings and perhaps other Committee memebers and staff.  But Issa insisted on having a full print copy of the ACA site security measures.

A leak of that information could compromise the ACA site as well as other government sites.

Why does he need that, and is he or anyone (who presumably has clearance) on his staff capable of understanding the computereze, in order to determine if the security measures are sufficient?  If not what good does it do him to have the specs for a plan he can't understand?

The administration has asked to meet with Issa to discuss the security measure, and Issa has refused the offer.

Why refuse?  Because Obama Derangement Syndrome?  Which in Issa is chronic and acute.

Would a person like Issa, who has selectively leaked information from government documents before, which make Obama look bad, deliberately leak information that could breach the ACA site’s security.

You can bet your sweet bippi he would.

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HHS has refused to release the documents subpoenaed.  Citing prior leaks HHS says Issa can’t be trusted.  (ROTFLMAO)

Pelosi has called for a security briefing to look into whether Issa has released any secure information and to whom.

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