In my last diary, I used this bar to separate stuff.

And something strange happened
When moused over the graphic, the Attribution bar came up, and stuck. Poof! Graphic gone.
So I'm trying various changes in the HTML code

to find what I can get away with

if I use it again
orange balls

Like a caption
orange balls
or a way to tighten up spacing
orange balls

So let's see what it looks like when it's published, because it doesn't work in the Preview mode.

6:58 AM PT:

orange balls
Caption didn't work. Hmm.
7:08 AM PT:

Caption this time?

7:13 AM PT: Yes!!

7:22 AM PT: I'll leave this up, for my own future reference. Anyone who wants to see the differences can View Source (should be in your menu, or available on right click) to see the differences in the image HTML

9:44 AM PT: Added the alt="" tag back in per Hey338Too's comment http://www.dailykos.com/...

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