Whew, between work and other real-life struggles, I've been slacking on these diaries. Apologies to my group members. Hope the holidays went well for you or are going well for you.

Last year I gave myself a few days off my diet for Christmas. This year it was just the Eve and the Day. How do you or did you handle the holidays? Please let us know in the comments.

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Some people don't really have much of an option for going off-diet, however. My husband has been struggling with his diabetes diagnosis since December 13, when we found out he has it. He is modifying his food habits and including more exercise, but it's hard to have a condition descend on you like this, especially at the holidays. I chose to lose weight voluntarily. Has anyone else dealt with this sort of shock to the system? Any suggestions to help us make it through?

Please update us and forgive me for being distracted. I won't be in until about 2 pm Central time, if that, as my work schedule (once again) is playing havoc with my Internet life. I'm at 140 on the scale as of Thursday when I'm writing this, due to a forgivable indulgence in this luscious stuff the husband made:

Christmas Garlic-Persimmon Ham by *Windthin on deviantART

Hope you're making it through just fine.

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