Back when life was good and the hubbie and I decided that the America's Cup was a awesome thing to go see, we rode the ferry from Vallejo to SF. It was fun. Until we made the ride back. The ferry was jammed with people. We found seats up top - outside facing the back of the boat. There was 3-4 adults supervising about 3-4 kids that were out of control - running around and running around and running around. The parents did not seem to care. Fine. Until we got motoring between leaving SF and headed to Vallejo. This boat travels probably 30mph or better. I actually became very afraid. Dear Mom - do you realize that your child that was running around between the seats could have been easily picked up by a nutcase and thrown off the back of that boat travelling 30+ miles an hour? If you have not considered this - perhaps you should. I grew up in Detroit. So we did not have ferrys. But I can damn well imagine that if we did - Mom would not have let us run around willy nilly. She would have made us SIT DOWN in a SEAT and enjoy the ride.


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