While WAYWO usually focuses on What are You Working On, implying What are you working on now, this diary asks the question: What did you make for Christmas / Solstice / Hanukkah / whatever?  We have a collection of very talented people here. I think everyone would love to see what you made for family, friends and self.

I will admit I didn't take pictures of all the finished projects, but got pictures of everything at some point in the process.  If you don't have a picture, just tell us about the project.

I'll start. First off I will admit I didn't get everything finished. Most everything was close to finished, but not everything was completely done.  Follow below the orange squiggle for more.

For my sister, I did a knit hat with a lace panel.  She wanted a hat that was long enough to cover her ears which most of them don't.  I adapted a pattern from Ravelry by Janet Gallagher called Sisters.  (How could I not choose that pattern?) Instead of the knitting the  lower edging, I did a K2, P2 ribbing and made it long enough to double over her ears. I also added one more yarn over at the top of the "mountains" followed by a knit 2 together. I also did a purl row above and below the lace panel to set it off. Minor variations. I have a pic of it 3/4ths done. I wanted to get a picture of it on her, but the roads are too ugly to make the trip today.

 photo Today1201007_zpsba56ef7b.jpg

I have enough yarn left so after Christmas I will make her fingerless mitts, repeating the lace pattern.

My one brother asked for knit socks.  I did not get both socks done, but a large part of the reason is it took him a week to get over to our house to have the first sock fitted.  He is in Florida just now and I should have the second sock finished before he gets home Jan. 3

 photo Today1201006_zps8de4a7ab.jpg

For a nephew, I did a pieced & quilted pillow.  That got finished.  I used a Strip & Twist template. The pillow is black & white with a dark red edging (their living room is black, white and red) and black piping.  I used a high loft batting to get a bit of a trapunto feel to it.

 photo Today1229005_zps53daffdf.jpg

A niece had asked for a folk art pillow in dark red and blue.  I started with a pattern for a table runner below and then sort of adjusted it.

 photo Today1229009_zps53e48cb1.jpg

It is not finished. It could have been, but I wanted to do some special embellishments that would take time. I want to do stem stitch outline around the hearts and the center of the flowers and do blanket stitch, instead of invisible stitching, around the appliques.  Below is how it is currently.

 photo Today1229011_zpsf3f589f2.jpg

The last project was for another niece, a pieced and quilted star.  Trkingmomoe, in the quilting retreat, did a link to this pattern.  I only have the front here.  I changed the pattern slightly in that I did a pieced back instead of a solid back.  It was a pain stitching it all together.  But it did end up nice.  I will ask my niece to take a picture for some future diary.

 photo Today1229010_zps62f4951d.jpg

So did you make for Christmas, etc?

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