These are my personal new year resolutions:

1. To eat more salads than there are days of the year.

2. To write an complete short story about animals similar to Wind in the Willows and Fantastic Mr Fox.

3. To hold out for the whole year to watch the next season of Game of Thrones on Blu Ray, instead of breaking down to get cable and HBO like the last 2 seasons.

4. To find out why my birth father died at only 65 and visit his grave.  And meet my family on my father's side.

5. To go down to California to visit with my cousins and uncle that I met online this year on my birth mother's side.  

6. To get back to Tae Kwon Do.  I tried Kung Fu, but I am just not that graceful.  ;)

7. To buy Christmas presents before 2 days until Christmas.  

8. To draw all of the animal characters in my short story.  

9. To limit myself to seeing only a dozen movies in a theater this year, instead of a movie a week.  Popcorn bad.  Finishing all the books I buy good.  ;)

10. To knock up my wife.  We're both turning 40 this year.  It's now or never!

Those are my personal new year resolutions.  What are yours?

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