On pufferfish

Puffer fish release a toxin that can be deadly in larger amounts, but it can produce a narcotic effect in smaller doses.

Scientists found that dolphins apparently had learned just how much of the toxin would safely intoxicate them, and they carefully chewed the fish and then passed it among themselves.

The dolphins then entered what appeared to be a trancelike state.

They chew on the pufferfish "gently" to get their buzz.

Video at the link.

Clearly it's time to pass a law against pufferfish. I wonder if we could divert some more money from foodstamps or heating assistance for the poor to pay for DEA agents arresting dolphins (or shooting them to death, as is the proper treatment for recreational drug use in the Best Country On Earth).

And parents - you'd do well to keep your children away from these loser dolphins: if you don't your child will be strung out on pufferfish and never finish kindergarten.

Mark my words.

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