According to an article in Raw Story this morning Florida police have arrested a man who had been judged criminally insane in 1992 (after killing a trucker) with 36 weapons and over 4000 rounds of ammunition.

Dunaway’s medical history made it illegal for him to own firearms.

During the search of Dunaway’s green Honda van on Saturday, deputies discovered 36 guns and 4,629 rounds of ammunition.

Raw Story

It is one of the favorite arguments of the pro gun folks here that rather than impose gun safety measures, there needs to be more spent on identifying people with mental health issues. But what is the point if those people can simply go to a gun show or "flea market" and buy as many guns and bullets as they want.

This guy had been found criminally insane after killing one person already
and was able to buy guns like popcorn. Best argument ever for registration and universal background checks.

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