Everybody has their pet theory.

 photo conspiracy_zpsb74abc6b.jpg

But they don't have any inkling of the real threat.

 photo bewarechickens_zpsd550429a.jpg

We often are mistaken for cute and cuddly.

 photo taken_zpsa69d9db7.jpg

Even though we left many clues.

 photo cat_zps967364b6.jpg

You may be feeling a bit uncomfortable.

 photo feeling_zps1db631df.jpg

But we will obscure the facts whenever you get too close.

 photo book_zps41fdf5a2.jpg

So don't be taken in by our innocent look.

 photo girl_zps115f3347.jpg

If you want to protect yourself from being taken over...

 photo chewing_zpseab5de4e.jpg

Choose your friends wisely.

 photo best_zps26d3b095.jpg

And beware the self righteous.

 photo problems_zps18c1d91f.jpg

But be warned, we will never give up.

 photo steed_zpsb30ee3f0.jpg

And we will have the last laugh.

 photo earthquake_zps24f6ff35.jpg

But truthfully, it's probably too late.

 photo nopenot_zpsef1d17f9.jpg

So take a seat and be calm.

 photo pained_zpsb388db41.jpg

Your destiny is preordained.

 photo lunch_zpsdf001675.jpg

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