A year after publication, why do I continue to trumpet the dark and ugly voice of a quasi-fictional, abused child turned mega-pastor, John Christian Hillcox?
As in Being Christian.
A voice compellingly charismatic. Ultimately manipulative.
A voice we want to turn away from.
Want to believe no one would listen to.
Needing to know that theocrats won’t prevail.

Alas, nothing old is new.

Pastors out to hustle a buck - we understand. Pastors capable of affecting foreign policy -  we don’t.
So we look away.

At great risk.

For with:
41% of Americans thinking Jesus Christ will return by 2050
52% of Southerners believing His return is imminent.
46% of Americans believing in Creationism
58% of Republicans think global warming is a hoax,
Can we afford to look away?

I can’t.
What I can do is to continue to track these religious charlatans, watch them hustle their activist voting blocs to put more and more Christianists into office, see how their inerrant Bible affects real-politik from Middle Eastern policy to the environment, from social issues to the nuclear.
Witness their influence on decisions that herald the end of the world, at least as we know it.

I blog and I Upchuck (https://thepoliticalcarnival.net/...)  I write serious pieces and occasionally give way to the sarcastic.

In short, I continue to whistle into the wind.
If only to make people understood.
The End is only near if we look away. If we let religion take the place of reason, with fear as it’s nexus.

Silence is complicity

But if we dare to open our eyes, to learn and to accept that today’s Christianists weave a twisted spell on a dumbed-down world of ignorance - - a world that gets most of its information from manipulative mega-pastors each Sunday in church.
If we spread OUR word – the ONLY word that matters.
There is hope.

Because His word, at least according to today’s religious charlatans, well, it ain’t exactly working.

Read Being Christian

Read it for a window inside the dark world of today’s American Fundamentalism.
Read it for the racy, raunchiness – for the sex, the lies and the violence.
Read it to learn how greatly they dupe, how fantastically they lie, how prolifically they steal, how rabidly they hate.

Think 50 Shades of Dominionism.

Most important, understand their power.

Fear Theocracy.
Because it can happen here. It already is.

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