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Do you get the blues sometimes, watching and listening to all the awful news? Do you wonder what kind of activism you should engage in that would make a difference and actually work ?

I have to admit that I tend to get depressed and angry about not knowing what I could do.

But this film gives an answer. I am asking you to watch it.

All I know is that the "Naked Option" works. Yes. I ask all the world's sisters to consider it.

Please jump right into it. You need an hour of time.

Although this film is not brand new, I am not sure how many have seen it. It's a great inspirational documentary, at least to me. And I bow to my African sisters for their courage and to their traditions that have endured and fought the most stubborn men and exploitations. In the time of "Naked Capitalism", the "Naked Option" might be truly our last resort.

Here is the link page. I can't embed the film, but you can click on the video and see it on the full screen:

In the name of my new battle cry: “We’ll go naked.  We’ll do our naked. They want us to suffer and we’re not taking it. Fear will come”:

The Naked Option: A Last Resort

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