This is so late! I apologize for that, but just after Veteran's Day I had a colonoscopy and had a couple complications that took me to the hospital for a week, plus some other issues.  Everything is OK now, so here are some pictures. My photographer became ill after a very short time and had to leave so what you see is what I got this year. More next year for sure. BTW, that's me on your left, from a photo about eight years ago. I wanted one from the party but best laid plans, etc.

I promised some pictures from this year's Veterans' Day celebration in my senior building. I am just learning to embed images so bear with me, please. What you see below are photos of our social room before the party started and as the party progressed, all in reverse order of what I wanted. Sigh. Did this twice but can't seem to get it right. This is me, to your left (of course). It's a few years old but you should have seen my choices.

Anyway, we had about 25 veterans who so enjoyed the celebration and the nice gifts they received due to your very generous donations.  We were able to give 15 envelopes of $10 each to vets and that was welcome, indeed.

I can't tell you just how grateful I am for your generosity to these older veterans. It visibly warmed each of their hearts to be remembered. As usual I made cauldrons of chili and the building manager provided pasta salads. We provided the cake, coffee, sodas, and ice cream. The veterans provided the joy.

As you can see we saluted the flag and sang the national anthem. As always I am moved by your generosity and the fact that I always get so much more from the veterans than I am able (through you) to give them. It is a continuing joy to me to be able to do this for them.

Thank you so much.

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