This morning we watch as the media is forced to begin covering their golden boy, Chris Christie, in an unflattering light. And, as can be expected, you can flip back and forth between MSNBC and Fox News and watch how the mainstream media reacts when a real scandal erupts versus how they react when an alleged scandal evaporates involving the Obama administration.

Mark Halperin on MSNBC looked like a Fox News infiltrator, peeing his pants trying to come up with ways to make this scandal seem smaller than it is and definitely not connected to Chris Christie. He begins wishing outloud that

"this is the beginning of the end of this scandal..."

On day 1 of evidence begin discovered that links the GWB bridge closure to administration officials in Christie's inner circle... it's over already!

Flip over to Fox News... you guessed it! They're discussing the IRS "scandal" where apparently it's a scandal that President Obama assigned an investigator to this evaporating "scandal", and she happened to contribute money to his campaign. The horror!

It gets better. Back on MSNBC Mark Halperin goes on to ask the question of whether or not the Democrats are sophisticated enough to keep this scandal alive and tied to Governor Christie. Of course that's an obvious question because the democrats are not sophisticated enough to make political hay out of a real scandal. Not like the sophisticated R's who clearly got to the bottom of the IRS scandal in a meaningful way; not like the R's who masterfully discovered evidence surrounding Benghazi that supported their assertion that 'act of terror' is an entirely different thing than 'terrorist act'.

No, we democrats are much less sophisticated than Darrel Issa. All we have to show for investigative prowess is the Watergate scandal, Iran-Contran, and the Jack Abramoff K-street lobbying scnadal which led to the resignations of 5 Bush administration offcials. In other words: We suck at scandals...



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