Bridget. If this were a novel, it would never work.

John S. Wisniewski (D) - New Jersey Legislature says that kelly will probably be next to be called to testify before the legislature.
 Will she take the fifth as did David Wildstein earlier today? And if so: why?
 Both have been jettisoned by Governor Christie. If they have further information as to whether Christie knows more than he is admitting to, why not speak? Is he that revered, or feared by the two?
 I suggest, for the time being, it is because there is potential criminal liability here, both state and federal. But, should the time come for a Scooter Libby moment, would they fall on the sword? Could they, as Libby was, be assured of leniency in some form?
 This is just one small point in a possibly gigantic (No pun intended, Guv), undeserved ratfuck.
 I haven't been this interested in a purely political, and legitimate conspiracy, since the immortal Watergate.

You can get anywhere in life if you'll simply take the time to learn how to kiss ass correctly. Unfortunately, you have to live with yourself thereafter. If Republicans and some others here and there have taught us anything: it's that. Best of luck!

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