I have always thought that a a typical bully that Mr Christie is incapable of coming up with and idea on his own, like most bullies he relies on others to do the thinking for him.

In this light he was never really suited to be governor of New Jersey, but the surprising thing has always been how many endorsed him for such a roll. they should perhaps be questioning their own judgement.

That he has pretensions of being the President of the United States of America must be finally regarded to be absurd, unless we want to repeat the incompetence of G W Bush.

Chris Christie has proved that he has as much substance as warm air.

Or perhaps he would like to rethink his comments as being completely incompetent or actually complicit. Personally I think he is dumb enough to be believed, a blustering bully nothing more.

Some of us prefer to be responsible for our own actions and their consequences; no matter how ill conceived, only the truly vapidly vain would try to do otherwise.

So I believe Chris Christie, and the only logical conclusion is that he couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery on his own.  Sniff, poor, poor, Chris Christie, so concerned for himself as all dumb bullies are when they get their comeuppance.


PS The bodies thrown under the bus will mount up until the bus is also unable to move.

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