Sunday again.  The saga continues.

My scale (I have one that tracks body fat, muscle and water) only needed to be reset.  This is good, since the batteries it takes are a tad on the expensive side, and I wanted to keep track of how well the current effort to stay hydrated is working.  The trick I came up with to make sure I stuck with my New Year resolution is working so far.  And the fact that several aches and pains have disappeared since New Year's Day is a real incentive to stick with it.

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My grandson turned two on the 9th.  Some friends of the family came over to help celebrate and we had some really fancy cupcakes.  The grandson was thrilled with more presents (I got him a DVD of the first season of the cartoon Spiderman [he loves Spiderman, along with several other Marvel superheroes] series - I used to watch it and can't think of anything in it that would upset him).  He also liked blowing out the candles - and insisted on doing it twice.

To him, I am now "Bomma" (rhymes with "Momma").  My daughter finds the similarity to the President's name hilarious.  Actually, the kid knows exactly who the President is - he's "Obomm".

My ankle is much better.  I would probably be pretty much back to normal by now if I hadn't made the idiot mistake of trying to run for a bus last Tuesday.  Not going to try that again until I'm entirely healed - I do learn from such idiot mistakes, after all.

I got back to my office to find a whole lot of do-this-do-that emails from my boss - who apparently forgot as soon as I left the room that I had told him on December 20 that I wouldn't be back till the 6th of January.  A friend of mine who rides the bus with me said calling in to remind him is a very bad idea and what I should do instead the next time I take a week or so off is post a very large sign above his desk saying that I am out and will be back on such-and-such a date.  I will have to talk to him about scheduling the July week of hiking with his wife so it doesn't conflict with Netroots Nation because I am NOT going to revise my plans.

The do-this-do-that emails would not have been a problem - except for several of them involved a galley proof that came in well before I returned.  By the time I tried to check it, they had given up and emailed it.  The woman whose paper it was only found two problems, and I knew about one change in degree for one of the other authors.  The figures were rather more difficult, but we did get the improved versions to the woman who needed them within the 48 hour limit.

My mother has gotten in the habit of giving people tins of Cougar Cheddar Cheese for Christmas.  I recently opened mine and decided I would have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner on Friday.  I can't remember the last time I've had one.  I also can't remember the last time I had to pop my cat on the nose for deciding he was going to share my food - it may have been the last time I had a grilled cheese sandwich.

My granddaughter is still not complaining about cleaning the cat box (though she doesn't like the smell).  When the chore is done, I've been reading her a couple chapters from Talking to Dragons (It is wise to be polite when ...).  We have got 6 chapters into it, and there are 22 - she would like me to read more, but I have told her that I am only going to read two at a time.

The only other thing I can think of is that the Multnomah County Library system opened their doors on February 15, 1864.  They're planning some moderately large events to celebrate this.  My granddaughter was born on February 15, 2006 - she thought it was funny that she shares her birthday with the library.

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