It's beyond dispute that the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge were stupid, petty, venal and dangerous.  Any reasonable person would also agree they were illegal.  And the state assemblyman leading the effort to get to the bottom of this now agrees.

"I do think laws have been broken," said State Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who's also deputy speaker. "Public resources -- the bridge, police officers -- all were used for a political purpose, for some type of retribution, and that violates the law."

Legislators need to "make sure any violations of law are addressed," Wisniewski told CNN on Saturday.

Louise had an excellent diary on Thursday detailing the legal doo-doo that anyone involved in this mess potentially faces.  Any number of state and federal laws were potentially broken here.  

Wisniewski also thinks Christie had to have known about the lane closures.  While he hasn't found anything in the documents that comes close to a smoking gun, he thinks it "just strains believability" that he didn't know what was going on.  He also wants Christie to put his money where his mouth is and turn over more documents.

For those who don't know, Wisniewski represents a district centered around Perth Amboy and Sayreville.  Looking at a map, it's entirely within Frank Pallone's congressional district.  If and when Pallone retires, hopefully Wisniewski runs to succeed him.  I really like the cut of this guy, and hope he eventually seeks higher office.

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