I took Bangkok's metro to the nearest protest site, along with a number of protesters obviously on their way to take part.  

The protesters were urban and middle class unlike base of the ruling party who elected the present government they are trying to bring down, who earn less and are largely rural.

Speeches were being made from a stage set up with accompanying big screen monitors.

The tents for the protesters extended several hundred meters into neighboring Lumphini Park. Hundreds of the tents were made by the same manufacturer. This is a very well funded and well organized protest movement.  

Ambulances lined up at the protest.

Cooking food to be given out to the protesters for free.

A truck with drinking water for the protesters.

I only saw one member of the Thai police or military at this demonstration.  

One of the six major intersections being shut down today. Near my hotel traffic was much lighter than normal for Bangkok.

Unusually smooth Monday traffic

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