Chris Christie, once the semi-darling of certain media as a rising star (and possible savior) of the GOP, currently squirming in throes of its own making (e.g. the Tea Party biting it in the ass), has fallen so far from grace that online news sources jostle to outdo each other to attach the most egregiously unflattering portraits of Christie to any story they post about him.  Here’s this morning’s offering from NBC.com:

Governor Bulgebottom.

Before anyone gets too heart-struck about this sort of treatment by the press, remember that it was Ralph Kramden Chris Christie himself who ridiculed the residents of Fort Lee who had to suffer through the traffic-geddon his office engineered by saying, when asked if he was involved:  “Yeah that was me out there, working the [traffic] cones.”  

What goes around, comes around, Humpty.

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