To my immediate north lies Wyoming. Now you might be thinking 'wait a tick...', Wyoming is the smallest state by population and has held an At-Large congressional district since 1890, when it was admitted into the Union. It is inconceivable to imagine enough people (approximately 580,000, the state's current population) moving into Wyoming in the next six years, but rather than simply congregate all the predicted 2020 At-Large districts into a single post and toss them aside without another thought, I think it will be fun to imagine if these states did indeed become large enough to justify a second congressional district.

Wyoming is currently represented by Republican Cynthia Lummis (At Large).

The following was produced with Dave's Redistricting App, the only tool in imaginative redistricting. You can find the application at the link below:

A link to my previous Reapportionment - Colorado:

Because two districts in a most rural landscape are far easier to draw than eight in a mixture of urban, suburban, and rural, I've prepared two maps.

Map A

WY-01a (Peach)

The 1st contains all of Wyoming's western counties, Yellowstone, I-80 west of Albany County, and most of the state's mountains. This district would be open, and 31-67 it would be one of the most Republican districts in the country. It would also contain most of the state's 11,000 or so Native Americans.

WY-02a (Light Blue)

The 2nd, anchored between Cheyenne, Laramie, Gillette and Casper, highlights the concentration of the state's 580,000 inhabitants toward the east. These are the plains communities, as opposed to the mountain and valley communities further west. As such, these communities feature more concentrated city populations, albeit at sizes of no more than 70,000 (in Cheyenne). At 34-64, this district would assuredly vote Cheyenne-based Cynthia Lummis back into office.

Map B

WY-01b (Peach)

The second incarnation of East-vs-West features Casper moving into the 1st at the cost of the rest of the I-25 Corridor, and the eastern half of I-80.

WY-02b (Light Blue)

Cynthia Lummis's district once again, but this time both districts feature a 33-66 partisan split.


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