Governor Christie claims complete ignorance on the planning of the Ft. Lee traffic fiasco.  But really, how likely does this sound:

The mayor of Ft. Lee refuses to endorse the governor for re-election.   A group of his underlings are so offended by this that they decide, all on their own, to avenge this snub of their boss - without telling him.   They create a massive traffic jam that garners widespread media attention with possible serious political ramifications.  

The story gets increasing media attention over a 4-month span.   But these underlings, who were so concerned about the harm to their boss from the snub, are so unconcerned about the damage from this scandal that they still don't tell him.  Meanwhile, the governor, whose career could depend on this, doesn't bother to conduct and investigation until 4 months later, when a smoking gun email is discovered.  

Really?   If anyone for one second believes the governor's story, then I have a bridge with blocked access lanes to sell you.

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