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Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, right listens as Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, asks a question of former lawmaker and tree farmer Gene Saucier about his opposition to a suggested enhanced illegal immigration reform legislation during the State Senate's Illegal Immigration Reform hearings at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel's (R) growing list of cultural grievances includes what he says are Hollywood's too-politically-correct casting decisions.

McDaniel, who is mounting a primary challenge to Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), argued in 2006 that Hollywood goes out of its way to cast white men instead of Muslims in villainous roles.

The Senate hopeful made the comments in an episode of the radio program he hosted before running for office, "Right Side Radio." Mother Jones on Tuesday surfaced the comments from local politics blog Dark Horse Mississippi.

"It's funny how the movies have portrayed themselves lately and how the video games have portrayed themselves lately," McDaniel said in a segment on race. "There's one person that cannot be a villain in Hollywood, ever. One group that cannot be villains. Who is that? [Cohost: The Muslims.] Yeah, isn't that neat? They'll go out of their way to find some Russian white guy that's just nuts, and he's the terrorist, which I've never seen that. But the Muslims, they've just disappeared from Hollywood's radar." - TPM, 1/14/14

Here's some info with the actual audio:


"I think the true enemy is Ron Howard and Andy Griffith," he joked. (The remarks were first reported by a local politics blog, Dark Horse Mississippi.)

McDaniel didn't have it quite right. Islamic extremists played the roles of terrorists in seasons two, four, and six* of the television show 24; the Showtime series Sleeper Cell; and a variety of movies, including Syriana, The Kingdom, Rules of Engagement, The Siege, True Lies, and Zero Dark Thirty. The Muslim-as-villain has been such a long-standing stereotype that a 1998 New York Times story reported on the difficulties Arab American actors faced in obtaining roles beyond that as hijackers.

In another episode of his radio show, McDaniel mocked San Francisco lawmakers who had decried an ad campaign depicting a white woman wrestling a black woman, under the slogan "White is coming."

"They're elite," he said of the city's residents, before taking a shot at the city's LGBT community. "Right next to gender misidentification is IQ, I suppose. That's gonna get me in trouble." - Mother Jones, 1/14/14

At this point, it shouldn't be that shocking to hear such idiotic words comes out of McDaniel's mouth:


Sen. Chris McDaniel, R-Ellisville, tells colleagues about his opposition to an amendment for Medicaid expansion Friday, June 28, 2013 as the Republican-controlled Senate debates at the Capitol in Jackson, Miss. The amendment was defeated. The Senate voted overwhelmingly to renew and fund Medicaid beyond this coming weekend, when the program has been set to expire. Both Medicaid bills are on their way to Gov. Phil Bryant who is expected to sign them into law.(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
In other segments, McDaniel also called the Democratic party "a party of sex on demand" and warned of a plan by Democrats to make "homosexual marriage and polygamy completely legal in all 50 states."

McDaniel also criticized President Barack Obama.

"Osama, I mean Obama, might be somebody who follows God in some respects," McDaniel said.

Mother Jones also reported on a promotional clip from the radio show in which McDaniel blamed gun violence on hip-hop.

"The reason Canada is breaking out with brand new gun violence has nothing to do with the United States and guns," McDaniel said. "It has everything to do with a culture that is morally bankrupt. What kind of culture is that? It's called hip-hop." - Huffington Post, 1/14/14

You have to give the Tea Party this, they never let us down in how low and crazy they'll go with their candidates.

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