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There are a number of attractive bridges carrying traffic to New York City, but the George Washington Bridge is the one in the news just now. The bridge has connected the New Jersey Palisades with uptown Manhattan since 1931; a lower level, opened in 1962, doubled the number of traffic lanes available. In 2012, the bridge carried 49,110,921 vehicles eastbound into New York; it is the world's busiest motor vehicle bridge.

The GWB was twice as long as any previous suspension bridge when it was designed and built. Construction began on it in 1927, and I'd urge you to go to the link and take a look at the illustrated history of that construction, which is quite riveting hahahahahahahaha.

You may be unsurprised to learn that the bridge's Wikipedia page already links to a page entitled Fort Lee lane closure scandal. Since there has been ample coverage of that recently, I thought we might just go to Flickr and look at some nice pictures of this marvelous structure, none of which were taken by me. However, if you have not yet watched the Jimmy Fallon-Bruce Springsteen duet from Tuesday night, oh, you really should.

George Washington Bridge at Night

George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

george washington bridge For patriotic holidays, the bridge is decorated with the largest free-flying American flag in the world. The flag is 90 feet long and 60 feet wide, and weighs 450 pounds.

Birds Eye View of the George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge Lightning Strike 8.19.11

January 4 - Sunrise at the George Washington Bridge (2) lightened

George Washington Bridge and the Upper West Side

George Washington Bridge - ssshhhh!

As a kid, I loved the book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that the little lighthouse was really there, and if we went to New York by the bridge, we might be able to see it. It's still there! Manhattan is an Island: George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge & the Little Red Lighthouse

There are an awful lot of interesting pictures of the bridge out there. Here's the Flickr search so you can look for yourself if you like. Please make sure not to block any lanes!
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