I am reading about a desire to cut Veterans pensions. I have a 68 year old friend who
gets up every morning at 3:00a.m. to be to work be 4:00a.m. She makes $11,00 per hour.  Veterans are killing themselves at around 23 a day. Millions of Americans will soon loose their un-employment pay because the Republicans don"t care.

It is now approaching the middle of January and we still spend over $151,000 a minute to stay in Afghanistan. That number came to me from "Friends committee on National

When you go to war,death is always a posibility. It seems unusual to say this;but the fact that 900 national Guard have died in the iraq-Afghanistan is obscene.We used to call these folks "weekend warriors". They had active duty one weekend a month,helped
in Disasters,etc. They had full time jobs when they were called to serve. They never planned on that! jobs,marriages were destroyed. Cheney made billions while our heros
died. Tour after tour back to Hell, thousands of Americans have P.T.S.D. I have it ,it sucks.

This is worth talking about, because 2014 is to be THE year when our troops come home. Now the question is how many soldiers will be there NEXT YEAR? our enemy has
plenty of people happy to die.

I am tired of "nation building", figting folks that have alwas know war. I want to spend
at least part of the $152,000 a minute on our Country. We live in a world now where your neighbor could be your enemy.

If you keep doing the same thing all the time,you will get the same results. Make your
voice heard, All troops home by the end of 2014.

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