The mea-culpa Christie delivered last week, may of been "necessary" according to PR consulting standards -- but ultimately his repeated denials will be his undoing, as the additional 'culpability shoes' continue to drop.

With these pro-forma words, Christie planted a flag, he took responsibility (sort of) ... with this recitation Christie put the "scandal behind him" (supposedly).   But did he really?  

Governor Christie:

I didn't know about it but it's my responsibility is on the governor. So I'm taking that responsibility and taking actions. [...]

I come out here today. To apologize. For the people of New Jersey I had no knowledge. Or involvement. In this issue.  [...]

And I am stunned I am embarrassed. And humiliated. By the conduct. Of some of the people. On my -- I was disturbed. By the tone and behavior. An attitude. Callous indifference. That was displayed in the emails  [...]

Are media consumers as naive and gullible about these "standard" non-apologies, as we once used to be?

Are American citizens willing to nod and wink, and just let this one slide?  Because Mr Christie acted so sincere ... because he was so sad (... as he kept reminding us of, so we wouldn't forget it).

Instead of that lame excuse of an apology that Christie recited with all the Public-Relations seriousness he could maintain for 2 hours solid -- here's the real speech he should have given (in my opinion), if he wanted to have any "real" hope of staying a viable, effective politician ... for many years to come.

These simply words that Chris Christie most likely will never say, are just the other side of the turn-style of political spin ...

What Governor Christie should have said:

Hi, I'm Chris Christie, and I have a problem.

You see, I am a Bully. Always have been. I am not proud of that fact.

I need help. I want to change this spiteful behavior, if at all humanly possible.

And further, my staff did what they did with respect to the GW Bridge closures,

because that's how I play the game of politics. They were following my lead and my many examples, of this vengeful behavior.

I alone am responsible for what happened. I am to blame.

I take full responsibility for these bad decisions, and for encouraging my staff to do the same, as I would have done.

And I am truly sorry, for the negative impacts my spiteful behavior has had on other people's lives.

I am trying to change, and become a better person, going forward.  With your help, may I one day succeed at putting this disrespectful and irresponsible personal behavior, to an end.

What a refreshing change of pace that would have been, eh?  Most people would have been stunned into some real sympathy for the guy.

Which is why it will probably never happen.  Because a speech like that requires serious introspection, and above all, it takes honesty.

Those are two traits sorely lacking in any "supposedly successful" GOP candidate, in this modern age of divided politics.

Honesty, you guys ought to try it sometime GOP ... before the American people wise up to your sincerely sad, and almost always, hypocritical acts, too.

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