So, like many of you I sign numerous petitions and send messages to my Senators all the time. These activities lead to me being on their mailing and emailing list. Which leads to me receiving messages like "Share your ObamaCare story with me"

Yes, this is what Roy Blunt, my Republican Senator sent me.  Now I know he wants me to say how the ACA ruined my life/weakening our family values/kicking puppies/waking Cthulhu. But I'm actually happy with my ACA policy, and would be even more happy if they expanded Medicaid in Missouri.

So he wants my story. Fine. I'm game. But I want to do more. I want you all to send in your stories. Especially if you are a Missouri Resident. Or if you know someone from Missouri. Here is the link where you can send in your story. I want to flood his inbox with people who are actually happy with the ACA. And his Facebook. And his twitter (@RoyBlunt) After all, he wants to hear our stories. And feel free to share what you send in the comments. I'm interested in how many people we can get to tell Roy Blunt that the ACA is not as bad as he wants it to be. Full text of email below.


Dear Friend,

As we enter the sixth year under the Obama Administration, we’ve learned that December marked the weakest month of job growth since January 2011. Nearly 350,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce last month, dragging the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in 36 years.

One of the more burdensome and devastating policies for the economy and job creation is the president’s own signature health care law. Thanks to ObamaCare, millions of Americans have lost coverage, lost jobs, lost doctors, and must pay higher health insurance premiums and deductibles they cannot afford.

Not surprisingly, poll after poll shows most Americans still disapprove of ObamaCare as well as the president’s job performance.

I’m fighting to repeal ObamaCare because it’s bad for Missouri families – and I want to hear how this law is impacting you. Click here to share your story.

As always, I also welcome you to share your thoughts and concerns on ObamaCare and other important issues by visiting my website and Facebook page, or sending me a tweet using @RoyBlunt.

Sincere regards,

Roy Blunt


Higher costs. Lost coverage. Lower wages. Fewer options.

As we kick off the New Year, I’ve heard from so many families and job creators across Missouri who are concerned about the real impact of ObamaCare.

I am committed to fighting for you by repealing this flawed law and replacing it with common-sense health care solutions that put patients and their doctors in charge of coverage – not Washington bureaucrats.

Share your story of how ObamaCare is impacting you by using the form below, or by visiting me on Facebook or sending me a tweet at @RoyBlunt.

- Senator Roy Blunt

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