The Supreme Court has decided to take up the case of McCullen v. Coakley this Wednesday.  This important case brings to light the true nature of the wingnuttery of the rightwing.

Most observers generally believe the rhetoric espoused by the extreme rightwing regarding their efforts to outlaw abortions in the United States.  They see the argument made to protect children as a valid and reasonable argument that a rational person could be driven by.  If a person believes that a fetus is a living child then that alone would be sufficient reason to outlaw abortion in their minds.

However, the dark underbelly of the extreme conservative Christian rightwing cannot be denied and must be realized as well.  You see, rightwing Christians are fundamentally indoctrinated to believe that they are evil sinners.  That the fruit of sinful actions is death.  That the punishment of having premarital sex is an unwanted child and the economic burden placed on a young mother, unfit to raise her child.  They hope that, through the acceptance of this punishment, that the mother may choose to follow Christ and will then be placed in God's care.  

They are inherently brainwashed to believe a book of Neolithic era myths and have absolutely no basis to ground their understanding of reality, in fact, they loathe the true nature of "the world".  This is why they believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and that global warming is a myth because the global environment is controlled by God, not man.  They fight so hard to suppress their own sexual natures, they believe that premarital sex (even the THOUGHT of premarital sex) is the same as adultery.  A violation of one of the 10 commandments, and punishable by death.

In their world view, the allowance of legal abortion (yes especially the "morning-after" pill) is condoning sinful behavior, the same sinful behavior that leads to drunkenness, violence, and more sin.  This is the type of non-Christian activity that, in their minds, is responsible for the downfall of America as a whole.  They truly believe that if everyone suppressed their natural human urges and followed the bible according to their interpretation of it, we would all be living in a Christ-led utopia, (and as a bonus, we would all get to go to heaven when we die).

It is this same intense brainwashing/indoctrination, which is rooted in a much more limited thought process; a thought-path of abuse and self-loathing and inner darkness turning to projections of demons and devils in "the other.  This self-loathing is the very basis of all rightwing discourse in the United States.  

We must not forget that the Christian conservative wing wants, desperately, to transform the United States into a fundamentalist Christian state.  In this state, the laws of the bible would be the laws of the land.  It is the fight against their own "sinful" nature that drives them to demonize others, their own sense of personal manifest destiny that allows them to demonize the poor and downtrodden.  It is this same driving need to "put others in their place" as a righteous warrior of God, that makes it justified within their minds to put bullets into the bodies of health care practitioners who provide constitutionally protected medical services to American citizens.

Originally posted to New Minas on Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 10:57 PM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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