There was a traffic study, but the lane closures were ruining the traffic study and cost the Port Authority more money.

/legislativepub/pubhear/exhibit_e.pdf has a list of documents used for reference.

PA-CF-000131 has the reason cameras were installed in Fort Lee for the traffic study.

"Traffic counts are required for the project to rehab the Lemoine and Center Avenue Deck."

Christie's problem is lane closures did not morph into a traffic study and the traffic study did not morph into lane closures.  They were two separate events.

If you notice in documents, the lane closures were referred to as "TL24 Test".  PA-CF-000013 notes that because of skewed data from "TL24 Test" that the study would be need redone after the "test" was over.  The lane closures interfered with the traffic study, something that the new investigator hired by the Assembly Super Committee may piece together.

On top of that PA-CF-000028 surmised that the "TL24 Test" if it was permanent would cost the Port Authority $600,000 in addition to additional police costs for directing traffic.

So General Samson and Governor Christie, we know the reason for increased toll charges.  They are to pay for your planned mistakes like "TL24 Test".

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