He did so as they were 11 months into a 5 year term.  We have been waiting for actions like this.

I think we all know there won't be a lot of change in the catholic church re abortion (even though his belief that it shouldn't be a priority is pretty major imo) and for those of us who really like this pope we do so seeing the flaws as well. Women will be another issue but one i hope to see slow change in during his reign. However in other areas he has been a breath of fresh air and now he is starting to clean up the corruption in the bank.

Francis’ move essentially undid a decree issued last year by his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who confirmed the Vatican Bank’s supervisory body for another five years, just days before announcing his retirement. The most high-profile figure sacked on Wednesday was Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Benedict’s secretary of state and the face of administrative woes of Benedict’s papacy.

This is a big deal. Firings are not the norm at the bank, they have gone their own way for ages with the occasional individual ousted rather than only one individual kept

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