I'm 32 years old, and I've had my share of health problems. Between 2 back surgeries, a herniated disc in my neck, getting a severe case on mono when I was 25, subsequent throat infections and having to have my tonsils out, I realized how lucky I was to have health insurance. My job at the time offered good insurance, and even when I lost the job due to the first back surgery, I maintained coverage through COBRA. At the time, I think the premium was only like $180-200 mo.

Anyway, fast forward to April 2011. I had been on COBRA since being laid off in late 2009. The premium this time was $565 mo, but luckily the government had a program at the time that paid 67% of the premium for the first 15 months. But April 1, 2011 I became uninsured.

The job that I had (and still have) doesn't offer coverage. With my preexisting conditions and prescriptions , I had ZERO options for legitimate health insurance that were anywhere near affordable. So, for nearly three years I had to sit on my hands and pay for any prescriptions or doctor visits out of pocket. I avoided going to the doctor at all costs, used Mexican antibiotics, and used the lowest possible dosage of other important, expensive medication I have to be on.

But today (well, actually Jan. 1) my life really changed. I had my shiny, new insurance card in hand as I walked into the pharmacy to pick up my first prescription of the year. It's a medication that has cost me over $400 mo. for almost three years. I was concerned that the insurance may not go through, so I made sure I had enough cash to pay in case it didn't.

But it did!!! $15 instead of $400, and actually free after e manufacturer's coupon. Now, I'll actually be able to go back to a therapeutic dosage and not worry about not being able to afford it. My other prescriptions are generic and will be $5 each.  

I actually shed a few tears of joy when I got back to my car. . I was that happy and relieved.

Oh, and visits to my PCP, $10 copay, specialist $30 copay, and the badly needed bloodwork I'll be getting tomorrow will be $10. No, I don't have some "Cadillac Plan", it's a Silver Plan from the Connecticut exchange. The premium is only $327, but my share is only $101 after the tax credit. It's got a $500 deduct able for non-copay services and the max out of pocket is $2250 annually.

I can see why Tebaggers and GOPers are so terrified of the ACA. Once their constituents start experiencing the benefits of the law, they'll realize how badly their elected officials have lied to them over, and over, and over, and over for the last 5 years.

Yes, I wish the world were perfect and we had gotten Medicare for All or at least a public option. But we did the best we could with people like Baucus, Lieberman, and the GOP in the way. Someday we'll get there.

Thank you President Obama and the other Democrats that fought tooth and nail for people like me! Today my life changed dramatically for the better!

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