There are rumors that some US based weavers face a looming future. Let's save that for another thread, rather than string you along. Better leave the fringe twisting to some warped beam.

Pope Francis took a major league broom to the biggest arms, drug trafficking, money laundering and  Mafia connected organization in Italy - The Vatican Bank. To get a sense of how huge this is, with the Bank being an entrenched, multi-decade old power broker and nest of thieves, think of Sarah Palin dropping politics, attending MIT, graduating with honors in astrophysics, and winning the Nobel Prize with her discoveries. Or, Ted Cruz suddenly becoming an honest, cooperative, supporter of single payer health care, increased job training programs, higher social security benefits, and a huge minimum wage hike. Or Chris Christie turning into a polite, honest, ethical supporter of the poor, underemployed, and sick, while he personally begins digging a new tunnel between NY and NJ to prevent any future traffic hiccups.  

The biggest surprise (one not so much, one jaw dropping) is what the senate is doing about Iran. Here we are, facing a country that actually wishes to talk and negotiate. They have every reason to trust us as much as we trust them. Considering that it is one of the larger democracies in the Muddle East, that it is a natural ally of ours on a whole slew of issues, and considering that Israeli agents have been spewing non-stop mistruths (naked couples dancing in the streets of Teheran, because we allow them to build nukes? HUH? Talk about the Mossad becoming just a bit too out there)

The idea that 58 senatwhores are bought and paid for agents of AIPAC is scary. Even worse, the bill they support would put that bastard Bibi in charge of the US military. Should he and his future war criminal Lieberman decide to invade or attack Iran, our military would be forced to support him.

(Weren't some teabuggered senators warning about the UN taking over our military? And losing our sovereignty in the process? How is turning the keys to the pentagon over to Bibi any different, only more scary?)

The last senator I would have ever imagined throwing a well deserved bucket of cold water on this monstrosity would be Mrs. Patriot Act, DiFi Feinstein. Between her arms trading hubby, her total love of the TSA, HSA, NSA and a bunch of other As, i was shocked to learn that she thinks this bill is bull. That she objects to Bibi's taking over our military. That this will destroy careful months, if not years of planning and delicate diplomacy. Senator, my hat's off to you. While it is not a clean slate, this move of yours sure made up for dozens of bad decisions you have made before.

- - - -

And now, for a Thoughtless Thursday Thinking Quiz!

1. Opportunity is
a. something that one must knock. Or else.
b. A 10 year old alien invader of Mars, planned to operate for only 3 months, yet still providing priceless Martian data. (What is that new rock? Is ET funnin' with us?)
c. Ted Cruz' reaction to a minor traffic glitch in the Northeast.
d. Creation museum's name for its public offering to fix its massive debt.

2. a Be type star is
a. the nickname of Bieber's egg tossing, drugged up friends
b. a star with high hydrogen emissions, but low ionization emission lines, like the one just found with an orbiting black hole.
c. A Shakespearian actor who prefers playing Hamlet
d. A belgian rapper who decides to convert to  mormonism.

3. The Jade Rabbit is
a, How China is invading the moon.
b. A lovely piece of artwork from the Dung Dynasty
c. What you see when you take the third pill.
d. A Chinese restaurant in Soho, specializing in small animal dishes.

4. The one thing that sets Texas Charter Schools apart from all the others:
a. They teach creationism as real science
b. They take in more, but spend less per student than public schools
c. They teach 10% of Texas kids, but send 30% of juveniles to kiddie prison
d. Literacy rates from Texas Charter schools are 48% lower than the national average

5. What is the Shape of our Universe?
a. curved like a saddle (ie, open)
b. spherical (meaning closed and bound to close up upon itself)
c. flat (those arbitrary speed limits on light particles prevent us from proving this)  
d. black.

6. Google bought itself a quantum computer. It . . .
a. was no faster in solving equations than my desktop mac.
b. is the first step in Google's effort to become Skynet, with Colosus as its offspring
c. failed miserably in doing anything
d. thought it would be a cool plaything

7. Fukushima radiation
a. exceeds all the fallout from nuke testing since Big Boy.
b. Is being dealt with, although slowly almost agonizingly slowly
c. poisoned US troops trying to put out Fukushima fires.
d. is god's answer to same sex legislation! REPENT!

8. Freedom Industries
a. loved being upstream of a huge water intake system.
b. Is run by a group of greedy morons who know nothing about the chemicals they deal in.
c. Has been, is, and will be ignored by the MSM, since coal is far more important than people's health.
d. is god's answer to pro choice legislation! REPENT!

9. Quarknet is
a. Science's answer to the Discovery Institute
b. How teachers learn to make physicks phun to learn!
c. teaches kids to learn by experimenting and doing
d. all of the above
e is god's answer to teaching women folk how to read or do science! REPENT!

10. Which body orbiting Sol is most likely to have intelligent life?
a. Europa
b. Mars (see Opprotunity, etc.)
c. Luna
d. Venus

OK, the last one was a trick question. But the jury is still out whether intelligent life actually exists within the halls of congress.


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