State Senator Wendy Davis (D. TX) is another gubernatorial candidate making education a top priority in her bid against Greg Abbott (R. TX) this year and she wants her supporters to learn more about her “Great Teachers: Great Texas" plan:
One in ten public school students in America attends a public school right here in Texas. What we do here has an effect on education across the country -- and that gives us a special responsibility to be a model state when it comes to great schools.

I believe that great schools need great teachers.

That’s why I’m announcing my “Great Teachers: Great Texas” plan -- and I’m asking for YOUR support.

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The six common-sense reforms I’m proposing would help to recruit, develop, and retain great educators -- making Texas a model for the rest of the country when it comes to supporting teachers.

I want to offer high school students at the top of their class a place at a Texas college and the chance to learn the craft of teaching -- and a guaranteed opportunity to put those skills to work in one of Texas’s public schools. I also want to make it easier for teachers to pay off their student debt and accumulate new skills through continuing education.

Meanwhile, I want to make sure that anyone who teaches our children can count on, at long last, being paid what they’re worth!

This is an ambitious and comprehensive plan to guarantee every child in Texas a great teacher -- and today, I’m asking you to support it.

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Thanks for reading my plan to support teachers -- and thanks for adding your support to mine.


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