The AR-15 rifle has recently been maligned in the press as an unneeded assault weapon.  The insanity of a few criminals has convinced many in the world community that this rifle leads miscreants to kill kids.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The AR-15 is the greatest rifle ever known.  It's amazing what we can do with this weapon.

Recent revelations of NSA capabilities have shown that the government is now capable of using our USB ports to access any of our electronic communications, even when offline.  Yet, there is an even more nefarious secret of NSA capabilities that recent sources have revealed.  Imbedded in the very stock of every newly manufactured AR-15 is the very same tracking device found in USB capability.  The government forced this condition on the gun manufacturers recently in order to prevent legislation prohibiting the sale of AR-15's and other high capacity, semi-automatic rifles.

What's even worse, the government has no intention to use this information to track those with debilitating mental conditions that might lead to violent behavior.  Instead, the government seeks to use this capacity only to track law abiding citizens who want to protect this country from the evils of government interference.  Those of us who distrust the government better believe that the government is now watching you.

You may notice an increase in the prices of older models as this knowledge becomes common.  If I was you I would get them while they are hot.  The new models aren't worth the price of spit.  Protect yourself and your family while you can.


A concerned citizen.

10:15 AM PT: My NSA source wanted me to note that the devices are not merely in the AR-15 stocks but also embedded in the triggering mechanisms.  My apologies.



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