I am sitting in my Doctors office reading my Parkinson"s report. I see a place for Dementia.A check mark is on the high end of mild,very close to moderate. My mind flashes to a room full of old people,slumped over in wheel chairs.staring at nothing,
lost in a World only they can see.

I am asked three times by the Doctor if I am paying attention to her. I ask how I got a check mark ANYWHERE on the Dementia scale. After listening to her,I knew I should have
focused on the tests her office gave me. I admit I don"t always focus on the subject at hand.

Lots of people read this great paper. I know the focus of the paper and frankly wondered
if THIS was the place to write about subjects like this. I think someone reading this may have Parkinson"s or know someone. Dementia is common with this disease. Depression
has entered my life. I am the LAST guy to be depressed, I just think about Syria,or Iraq
and how lucky I am not to be there.

I have the same feeling about these two subjects as weight loss,exercise,meditation.
This is LIFE.Maybe the things I do to help me will help no one, but if I can ease the burden on ONE person,then the diaryis worth writing.

I came home and went on a very long run,well over 3 hours. The more depressed I felt,
the faster I ran. Soon clarity entered my brain. I said the Presidents names in order from
Washington to Obama. I named every capital in every state. Math problems were being
solved. Degeneration spreads through out the brain when you have Parkinson"s. The answer is to exercise your brain the same way as youe body. Crossword"s , anything
to challenge yourself.

I plan to slow down and think as clearly as possible. I am in a boxing ring fighting some
bad guy who is trying to steal a very important part of me.I am ready for a fight. Nothing
kicks you in the head like beingtold you have Dementia If YOU are someone is told that.
do not check into the nursing home. A great article was written that says your body falls
apart if you don"t use it. Sitting in a chair is a deadily activity.I knew a nice man who just died. he never complained of poblems,and the Doctor said he had a heart attack. The man never exercised a day in his life except walking to the kitchen. Be ACTIVE !

If your ever depressed, go to a gym if the weather keeps you from walking or running outside. I run in all types of weather except ice.Running in the rain is refreshing.
Read,study,keep your Brain active. Be careful driving at night. Common medication can
cause eye problems. Take a nap during the day.

Think of others before your self. I try and stay active in causes "the Kos" talks about daily.Your problems are silly compared to other folks. Don"t be defined by an illness!
Be thought of as a person who tried in any way possible to make the World a better place,

Enjoy every moment your alive. Live for this second in time. You may not get another second. I remember being with a six year girl he night she died. She lived every second.

So,this is my story. I plan to attack Republicans,hunger,and just plain Evil. I may never talk about dementia or Parkinson"s again,unless some medical event happens.
You can bet it will be on the front page of this paper before I can touch a computer.

It"s a sunny Saturday in the Pacfic Northwest. My body says it is time for a run.

Be Well!

Originally posted to Vet 65 on Sat Jan 18, 2014 at 10:17 AM PST.

Also republished by Hellraisers Journal.

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