Save the Planet sign over Santa Monica Freeway
I put 801 signs and posters on California freeways last year, for a grand total of 6,588 signs posted with few hassles and no arrests. I reluctantly left out Seattle and Portland this year because even in a Prius I couldn't justify the extra mileage, although any activists in the pacific northwest are welcome to take my place. (Also, this would be a good time for signs around the George Washington Bridge.) Here are some pictures from my travels:
Imagine your grandchildren dancing at the weddings of their grandchildren.
Wake up and smell the permafrost sign over freeway.
"Wake up and smell the permafrost" was a favorite, and I posted several hundred of them, actually replacing "the coffee" for awhile when you googled "wake up and smell". Also inspired this song which, though quite pretty, doesn't seem to have anything to do with the Arctic.
Climate Change sign over freeway.
Ecopocalypse Now sign next to Hollywood Freeway.
Worst Ancestors Ever sign over freeway.
Winner of the 2013 slogan contest.
Save the Planet sign over Santa Monica Freeway.
Save the Humans sign over freeway.
Save the Humans sign with Brian Eno image next to Freeway.
I did a few of these signs using the cover of Brian Eno's "Before and After Science" album. No particular reason except I really like the image and wanted to share...
Save the planet sign next to freeway.
Favorite spot on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Signs placed on the outside of curves have a very high visibility rate and, in this case, are a real pain to backtrack, locate and take down.
Arctic Protest sign outside Chevron offices.
Another favorite spot, directly across the 580 from the Chevron offices in Point Richmond. For some reason signs would stay up for weeks at a time and I was able to keep an almost constant vigil there throughout 2013.
Help Wanted sign over freeway.
Location Location Location sign over freeway.
Second place winner from 2013 slogan contest.
400 ppm sign next to freeway.
This ones a bit of a dog whistle, referring to the parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. If you know what it means, chances are you won't try to take it down.
Reflect on an Arctic that doesn't reflect sign over freeway.
Save the Humans poster next to freeway.
Save the Humans sign over freeway.
Third place winner from 2013 slogan contest.

Happy New Year y'all!

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