I have recently spent some time on conservative social sites as well as neutral sites that have an established conservative base. I have noticed a trend. Many of the commenters on these sites use the same formula for their posts. It goes something like this although there are variations and substitutions made.


Republicans are good, Democrats are bad, you’re a Democrat so you are a _______ (place any derogatory comment here). (ex. Republicans understand the values that make this country great while Democrats support lazy homeless criminals. You are a mother fucking socialist).

Of course these comments have no facts to support their arguments. I may be a motherfucking socialist, but what’s your evidence? This seems to serve the Republican’s well as it requires no thinking or fact gathering on their part and is simply a name calling exercise. Of course, that’s exactly what their party leaders engage in. Here are some examples sent to me.

1) rastus Jeff Parsons • 12 days ago −
“so your weak excuse is they can get to a voting poll but not acquire a photo ID- COM ON LIBERAL, tell your BS to another liberal-that is pathetic”

This poster likes the word pathetic. If fact, everything in this world he doesn’t like is pathetic. Personally, I think he just learned what the word meant.

2) rastus replied to you
“you’re the reason America is weak. you support socialism and obama. you support lies and deception by democrats. you are the blame of America’s demise, not the cure……”

Wow! I must be a pretty powerful person if I’m to blame for our country’s demise. And all this time I thought is was Bush.

3) Daniel Hofford
“And you so full of Sh** that if the gave you an enema you’d be the invisible man.”

I must admit even though this comment has no socially redeeming value, I thought it was pretty damn funny.

4) doug Jeff Parsons • a month ago
“… I my self have very little use for certain kinds of people in this world but there is nothing I can do about that but its people like you Jeff who I get the greatest kick out of ..assuming …..assume the word meaning in my eyes makes a ass out of me and you …never assume Jeff ones statue or status in the world…”

I believe I was being insulted here, but I’m not sure because of the interesting use of the English language. Regardless, I’m sure I don’t know what my statue in this world is.

Of course, these commenters are not professionals like the leaders of their party. Let’s see how a real Republican operative does it.

1) Neil Cavuto
“Drop the liberal thing and focus on the reality thing! …”

Because evidently Liberals are unreal. Just ask Clint Eastwood.

2) President Bush
“However they put it, the Democrat approach in Iraq comes down to this: The terrorists win and America loses …”

Yea, how did that “mission accomplished” thing go.

3) Senator Ted Cruz
“I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown …”

NBC/Wall St. Journal Poll, “Despite a concerted GOP effort to blame Democrats for the shutdown, Americans blamed Republicans by a 22-percentage-point margin (53% to 31%).” Senator Cruz does have his hand on the pulse of America.

These are just a few examples. I found many more. The truth is Conservative social media commentators are no better than the Conservative leaders at understanding the intricacies of a problem. So they use derogatory comments to obscure the fact they don’t know what the hell is going on. In closing this blog post I would like to write in a manner that these people understand.

I am a Democrat and I am good, you are a Republican and you are stupid. Eat shit and die!

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