Help empower coastal Caribbean communities with a solar sailboat that will provide workshops and materials for solar electric modules, solar cookers and phone chargers.  Campaign now going on at Indiegogo:  $18,000 over the next 40 days.

This is a project of Dr. Richard Komp, a solar scientist who has worked since 1977 empowering rural communities with solar energy projects around the world, providing both hands-on teaching and renewable resources.

"Access to electricity generated by the sun can make a huge difference in these people's lives, but it is not enough to bring technology there and leave it. We take an approach that provides a deep level of understanding and expertise so these communities can create, install, maintain, and even sell solar products, a model of sustainable development. Our solar sailboat will be able to provide workshops and resources to coastal communities in the Caribbean that cannot be reached by roads, and also make it easy to follow-up and provide additional support necessary for real change to occur."
Susan Murcott's $8,600 Indiegogo project to build school toilets in a village in Ghana has another 27 days to go:  http://www.indiegogo.com/...

Toilets, Stoves, and Solar

Sixpack of Solar:  How Many Solar Devices Can You Make from a Plastic Bottle?

Solar IS Civil Defense


More solar sailboats as teaching and trade platforms?

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