Boredom and Stress are two words I can safely use to sum up the last two years of my life, searching through the endless void for a job that would actually suit my skills. As I said in a previous diary I mentioned a panel interview and another rejection letter saying they found a better candidate, and this the case no matter where I go or how much effort I put in.

I can't go back to working at grocery stores or fast food restaurants because I've tried that before and was terminated during the probationary period because I couldn't handle the work. Lack of a driver's license also limits my options.

Everyone tells me I should work from home, but most companies and websites who do that sort of thing tend to scam people out of money just to 'get started'. If I'm going to work from home, I'd rather use skills I have to provide a service or product. Some have suggested I turn my recent experiences with photo restoration into a business. I suppose it's possible, but I've never run a business on my own nor am I good with advertising. I also feel I'm still very green when it comes to that kind of work.

Considering neither the private nor public sectors will touch me with regards to employment because I don't meet their 'requirements', I suppose I have nothing to lose by trying this.

See you around,


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