By now, credit scores are given to you for free only in special circumstances. If lenders and banks use scores to calculate our creditworthiness, decide to give a loan or deny you, I think it is important topic to talk about.

Government should allow consumers to get their free credit scores everytime they apply for a loan. Now, you get a free credit score in the following situations:

1. If you are denied by lender because of a low score
2. If the lender uses more than one different credit scores
3. If a credit issuer raises your APR because of your bad score

We can already get free annual credit report, why we need to get our free credit score from the tricky websites offering free trials (when you don't cancel your trial account your credit card is charged).

Please support this petition at Change.org if you think credit scores should be available for free for everyone, anyime.

Here is the letter you can send to your sentors to vote for this legislation:

The U.S. Senate
One great way for you to help constituents take control of our financial futures is to co-sponsor and support the Free Access to Credit Scores Act. This nonpartisan bill will give me access to my credit score free-of-charge alongside my annual credit report, and will make sure I see the same scores lenders use to decide whether I get credit, and at what interest rate.

Right now I can get a free copy of my credit report, thanks to a law passed by Congress in 2003. But if I want my credit score, I may wind up paying fees, handing over my credit card for sketchy "trial offers," and not even get the scores that lenders use.

It's estimated consumers shelled out about $250 million in recent years to get their credit scores and reports. And a new federal report found that one out of five consumers paid for scores that were 'meaningfully' different than the scores given to lenders.

A credit score is a critical tool for me to know when I'm making decisions about my finances. Lenders and banks use it to determine if they will lend me money and at what interest rate; if I can get a credit card and what size limit; even what I'm charged for car insurance. By making a reliable score free-of-charge with my credit report, I can make the right choices to improve my score, and build a better financial future for myself and my family.

I ask you to please co-sponsor the Free Access to Credit Scores Act and do all you can to ensure its passage this year. A free credit score is an important tool for constituents like me to succeed during these tough economic times.



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