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Rush Limbaugh needs someone to check his lines a little more carefully.  

Coming out of a commercial break today Limbaugh said it would be no problem for him to spend the night alone in a Motel 6 room with your significant other (or your kids):


"...Rush Limbaugh, a man with whom you could and would totally trust your wife, your daughter, your husband, your spouse and your kids in a Motel 6 overnight while you're out of town on a business trip.  The epitome of morality and virtue, striving to do the right thing each and every day."

Limbaugh's first, second, third, and fourth wives could not be reached for comment.

Decent folks who believe in tolerance and equality are no longer powerless against Rush Limbaugh's efforts to spread intolerance on the radio.  StopRush is making a major impact by convincing advertisers on this show to withdraw their ads--and with your help we can do even more.  Just a few emails, tweets, or Facebook messages a week to Limbaugh's advertisers can go a long way toward making hatred less profitable.  It is our collective voice that makes us strong.  

Want to do something hold Limbaugh accountable?  
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